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RIP - Adjusting default timers

In my last post about RIP I mentioned quite a few different bits of RIP. Here I just want to focus on changing the timers and how to override the timers.

You can adjust your timers using the timers basic update invalid holddown flush under the routing process:

router rip
version 2
timers basic 30 90 120 120

This will set the update to 30 secs, invalid to 90 secs, holddown to 120 secs, and flush to 120 secs.

What would happen if you need to change that behaviour on just one link? Well, we can configure the update timer under the interface:

interface fa0/0
ip rip advertise 30

This then changes the advertise time to 30 seconds but note that this doesn't change the other timers, only the advertise time!

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