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GNS3 0.5 released

The GNS3 0.5 release is available. It includes bugs fixes and new features:

* Possibility to load .net files of other users (provided that there is a registered IOS image with the same model as the one used in the NET file).
* New detailed tooltips for nodes.
* A minimalist wizard raised when the configuration file is empty.
* A button to insert a picture on the scene.
* Decorative node support for creating network diagrams.
* Ghostios is now supported on remote hypervisors.
* A symbol manager with library support (a howto to create a symbol library will be released).
* Z values can be changed for annotations and inserted pictures.
* Automatic load-balancing on external hypervisors (choose multiple external hypervisors when recording an IOS image).
* New option to bind the hypervisor manager with an address/name other than 'localhost': useful for labs which use local and remote hypervisors.
* The DMG package includes two Dynamips binaries, one for Tiger and one for Leopard

You will notice that on opening GNS3 for the first time you will now be confronted with a setup wizard which takes you through the first few steps of my main guide.

Clicking on Step 1 will bring you to the following screen:

Clicking on Step 2 will bring you to the following screen:

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