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MPLS Command Memorizer Review

Some time ago I purchased the CCIE Command Memorizer from http://www.configureterminal.com which bundled in the MPLS Command Memorizer. For those of you that give a damn, I am currently taking my CCIP due to the CCIE v4 blueprint change which focuses more on MPLS. I'm halfway there with MPLS slated for 18th May leaving QoS which I aim to complete by the Summer.

UPDATE: Passed with 987 in no small part to the MPLS Command Memorizer :-)

I've played a lot with the MPLS Command Memoriser and have found it to be a wonderful tool to exercise fingers and mind and a couple of typos in the correct answers actually showed me that I knew more about the commands than I thought. Perhaps this has deliberately been put in by David ;-)

It covers a wide range of topics including basic setting up of an MPLS network through to the various IGPs that can be used between CE and PE. There were also some useful exercises on those commands that may slip out of your mind such as "no ip mpls propagate-ttl forwarded" and conditional label advertisement. You have to type the commands in full as well so for me that is a great way of remembering the commands.

My only recommendation for this product would be to include an AToM link and most definitely for me a section on MPLS Traffic Engineering - that would be real boon.

Overall though I cannot recommend the Command Memorisers highly enough and would like to thank David Bombal for a terrific application which is not only a great standalone product but perfectly complements all other training materials such as books and labbing. I would also like to thank David for his support while I have been going through PCs like no tomorrow :-)

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